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Employee Lawsuits Happen–Stay Protected

Five basic steps you can take to reduce the risk of costly workplace claims

Making the right hire is imperative to your success. Each employee is an extension of your business and ambassador for your gym or studio. However, even if you complete numerous interviews, conduct background checks, vet your staff, and optimize your team, you remain susceptible to immense risks...


Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenarios

Crime, sexual molestation, and professional trainer endorsements

Crime, molestation, and professional trainer liabilities are common but often overlooked risks facing gyms, fitness centers, and studios. It’s essential to be aware of these worst-case scenarios and safeguard your business from accusations or claims...


Six Need-to-Know Cyber Insurance Facts

With the rate of data breaches and security incidents on the rise, cyber insurance has become an essential tool for the fitness industry.

It’s your responsibility to protect your customer information and data—even a minor security issue can have a major impact on your business. That’s why cyber insurance has become an essential part of any modern risk management strategy...



D&O Insurance: What It Does and Doesn't Cover

Protect your directors and officers in an era of growing scrutiny

Recent legal actions and precedents have placed added stresses and risk exposures on directors, partners, and officers. In addition to increased public scrutiny, directors and officers can now find themselves responsible for the day-to-day actions taken by the companies they serve...


eBook: Insurance for Fitness Businesses

You can do everything right. Keep your clients happy. Treat your employees well. Have a sound business plan. Risks will always abound. And while these risks are always part of running a fitness business, taking the right precautions and putting the right insurance program in place can put you on the right path for long-term success....


Property Coverage Common Pitfalls

4 blind spots to avoid

How well do you understand the coverage requirements and exclusions in your insurance policy? Coinsurance. Mandatories. Replacement cost. Flood insurance. What do these mean and how will they affect your insurance coverage? There are several common pitfalls policyholders have when it comes to their property coverage, and it’s important to understand them to make sure you have the coverage you need...


Understanding Business Interruption Insurance

What BI covers, exclusions, and options

Business income or business interruption (BI) falls under the business personal property portion of a commercial package policy and covers your property and its contents if they’re damaged as a result of a covered event such as a fire or wind. If the damage is going to take some time to repair before your business can get back to operational status, you may lose revenue due to being shut down...


5 Must-Have Liability Insurance Coverages for the Fitness Industry

Do you have enough liability coverage for your fitness organization? Gyms, yoga studios, fitness centers, dance studios, and other fitness organizations have unique businesses and are exposed to a range of different risks. From dealing with trainers to clients and non-conventional business models, every fitness business owner needs these 5 liability coverages for their organization...



eBook: D&O Insurance

The stakes have never been higher for today’s business owners, directors, and officers in the fitness industry. From associating with clients to vendors and employees, gym and fitness business leaders are susceptible to myriad risks.


Recent legal actions and precedents have placed added stresses and risk exposures on business owners, partners, directors, and officers. In addition to increased public scrutiny, these individuals now find themselves responsible for the day-to-day actions taken by the organizations they serve...



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