Carwash Workers’ Compensation Cost Cutters

5 Tips to Fewer Claims and Lower Rates

When it comes to lowering your workers’ compensation costs, planning is key. Carwashes that follow established OSHA guidelines and implement safety programs have fewer accidents and therefore have fewer claims. Fewer claims means you can get lower rates and increase your savings.

Get Started. Plan for Success.

You can set yourself up for success with a few simple steps. Contact OSHA and your local safety inspectors and take advantage of the resources both the federal and local government offer. You can also conduct regular trainings to make sure everyone knows how to safely operate equipment and machinery, and you can bring in third-party instructors to provide first aid and emergency response instructions annually. As you make safety a part of your daily operations, it will become the rule, not the exception.

Create Your Safety Plan

Here are 5 tips to help you create your workplace safety plan and cut down workers’ compensation costs:
1. Put it in writing

As you begin to develop your carwash safety plan, remember to clearly define and document it. Your plan provides clear expectations that employees must follow and displays that your organization is putting safety at the forefront.

2. Hire smart

Safety plans aren’t effective if employees don’t follow them. Make sure you’re hiring the best people by conducting background checks, pulling driving records, and documenting the hiring process, including applications, interviews, and reference checks.

3. Prepare for return

How you deal with injuries can have a major impact on your business. Make return-to-work a part of your carwash culture so that your employees feel more supported as they move through injuries and transition back to their jobs. A smooth transition back to work will benefit your business with shorter workers’ compensation durations.

4. Lockout/tagout

Never neglect lockout/tagout while repairing or servicing your carwash equipment. Lockout/tagout procedures help to assure authorized employees that equipment is safe to work on.

5. Bring in the pros

Make sure you work with an insurance carrier that specializes in the carwash industry and knows what you’re up against. Working with a pro can help you assess how driving risks fit into your business model. This will ensure you have the most extensive workers’ compensation coverage possible and that you’re prepared for any scenario.

Western Carwash Insurance Program

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