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Alliant Welcomes Kaci Synder and Phil Williams to Public Entity Education and Pooling



Public entities face different property risks, liability exposures, and employee benefits needs than most commercial businesses. Dan Howell sits down with Phil Williams and Kaci Snyder to discuss how their expertise, knowledge and understanding of public entities enables them to provide clients with innovative programs that meet their specialized needs.


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Underwriter Perspectives of Airport Liability Risks



Understanding the mind and process of an underwriter is key to develop a cost-effective and impactful risk transfer program for airport operations, especially in the world of liability. This article provides insight and awareness to the underwriting process in hopes we can help our public entity clients endure a continuing hardened state of the aviation liability market and strive for a change for the better.


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Judge Approves $625 Million Settlement in Flint, Michigan Water Litigation

Insurance Journal


A judge approved a $626 million deal to settle lawsuits filed by Flint residents who found their tap water contaminated by lead following disastrous decisions to switch the city’s water source and a failure to swiftly acknowledge the problem.


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System Security Standards Guidelines for Cyber Quotes



As of the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2021, the global cyber insurance market continues to harden due to an increase in frequency and severity of cyber claims. These increases are primarily driven by more frequent and sophisticated ransomware attacks and public entities remain a top target. Consequently, insured’s ability to obtain a cyber quote for this coming renewal will be far more dependent on the cyber security controls that they have in place. To help navigate this difficult environment going into renewal, the Alliant public entity cyber team has put together the attached bulletin of what the general marketplace has deemed minimum security standard guidelines.


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After Deadly Houston Concert, Fight Over Who’s to Blame Begins

Insurance Journal


Live Nation Entertainment Inc. is being targeted by more than a dozen lawsuits over the deadly crush of concertgoers at the promoter’s Astroworld Festival in Houston last week, but at least one expert says it may be too early to know who’s at fault.


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Insurers for High Crime Areas on Notice after Georgia Court Affirms $43M Verdict

Insurance Journal


A Georgia appeals court has upheld a $43 million premises liability verdict against the CVS Pharmacy chain, ruling that the company failed to take security measures to prevent the shooting of a patron in 2012.


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Reduce Your Exposures During Work Events



Businesses host parties for a variety of reasons, including the holidays and organizational accomplishments. While these events are fun, team-building opportunities, they can create a number of risks for the hosting company. In fact, in the event that an employee is injured at the party or causes property damage, the employer is usually the one held responsible. This can lead to costly litigation and reputational harm that can affect a company for years.


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Expecting a baby? Here's how to get your finances ready



Preparing for a baby doesn't just stop at picking the name or setting up the nursery. It also requires a lot of financial planning.


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Cybersecurity Tips for Online Shopping During the Holidays



During the holiday season, it's often easier to shop online to find gifts for your loved ones. But while online shopping can save you the trip to the store, it also comes with cybersecurity risks.


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COVID-19: EEOC Updates and Expands Employer Vaccine Guidance



The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated Section K (Vaccinations - Overview, ADA, Title VII, and GINA) of its “What You Should Know” publication for COVID-19 guidance. It also added a new Section L for how employer vaccine rules are impacted by Title VII and religious objections.


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Conferences, Speaking Engagements and Webinars


Alliant Public Entity attends and produces various events throughout the year. These events provide our team a chance to meet and network with members of the community, learn and present ideas. 



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