National Grain Bin Safety Week

February 19-25, 2023


A week-long dedication to the importance of a robust safety program


Knowledge and prevention are crucial to stop grain bin tragedies. Severe injuries and deaths can be avoided, however, it requires a constant commitment to basic safety measures and situational awareness. Many people are just simply unaware of the tremendous force of flowing grain. 

While there has been a slight decline in entrapments over the past few years, Grain Bin Safety is still of the utmost importance.


Alliant, together with Nationwide, KC Supply Co. and The National Education Center for Agricultural Safety (NECAS) are partnering for Grain Bin Safety Week. This annual event is intended to increase awareness of the dangers of flowing grain and to bring visibility to the advancements in safety procedures and technology that can help save lives. Timed to heighten awareness of the dangers of grain bins in a period when many farmers and grain handling operations are planning for the upcoming season, this weeklong event will help raise awareness of the dangers of grain bin entry.


Alliant has prepared some quick tips to ensure your safety protocols are up to date.

Please reach out to the following people with any questions:

Lee Tilleman
Vice President
Alliant Agribusiness
Mike Aitkin
Vice President
Alliant Agribusiness
Kenneth MacDonald
Loss Control Advisor
Alliant Agribusiness
Vanessa Anderson
Assistant Vice President
Alliant Agribusiness