Shelby Erectors

I-4 Ultimate – Orlando, Florida

Project Overview

Complete infrastructure renovation that spans through the most populated area & highway of Orlando, FL. Connecting communities & giving them the most optimal highway transportation. 

Project Scope

Shelby Erectors, Inc. was contracted to furnish and install all the reinforcing steel (rebar) for areas 2,3 and 4 and also to install all the Stay-In-Place metal deck forms (SIP) for areas 1, 2 and 3. This was by far the largest project in the history of this Florida DBE certified company with a combined subcontract value of $55,766,487.70. 

  • Total Rebar installed : 73,782,500 Lbs
  • Total SQFT of decking installed: 1,737,420 Sqft
  • A complete reconstruction of I-4 within the existing right-of-way
  • 15 major interchanges are undergoing complete reconstruction
  • 74 bridges are being replaced, 13 bridges are being widened, and 53 new bridges are being added
  • Four new express lanes, two in each direction


SGL Constructors

Construction Duration:

6 Years
Subcontract signed August of 2015. Mobilization & small work began within the following months. The project was completed in August of 2021.
ETEC Ground Level

The goal of the I-4 Ultimate project is to create a signature corridor that connects communities, improves economies and enhances livability throughout the region. I-4 Ultimate is designed to improve the function of I-4 and highlight Central Florida’s rich history, community character and beautiful landscaping. 

The Impact

The transformation meets Central Florida’s demand for an improved interstate. It eases congestion, improves motorist and pedestrian safety and decreases overall travel times.  It is a complete infrastructure renovation that spans through the most populated area & highway of Orlando, FL., connecting communities & providing the most optimal highway transportation.



Labor Shortages

Shortly after mobilizing for the project, Shelby Erectors saw a significant drop in people available to help complete the work. With limited staffing options Shebly Erectors was forced to increase wages which led to a drop in profitability for the project.



While the project was not impacted by a shutdown, COVID-19 forced timelines to shift due to the increased costs and additional safety measures needed to endure the safety of the teams. 

How Shelby Erectors Used New Tech for Efficiency

Shelby Erectors takes pride in utilizing innovative technologies to enhance and increase workflow while supporting their organization during labor shortages. Tybot, a robotic solution created by Advanced Construction Robotics, is a rebar-tying robot initially designed to bulk tie the rebar for bridge decks. TyBot can complete about 1,000 ties an hour where as it would take ten humans to tie that fast, and the robot does it without stopping for breaks, hour after hour.

Shelby Erectors specializes in installing bridge rebar and uses TyBot on many of their jobs. They are one of the only specialty subcontractors in the country to embrace and use the product. Not only does the robot reduce the risk of injury and fatigue, but it is also makes their job sites more efficient.


Project Photos

Foreman Sergio & Crew on the I-4 Ultimate project

 Inverted T pier cap on I-4

I-4 Direct Connect project. 77,000 lbs of column rebar

110 feet of pier cap going up on Bridge 302 at the I-4 Ultimate

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