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Project Overview

This project upgrades the existing 5kV distribution system and its related 208V distribution, at the Robert F. Kennedy (RFK) Bridge (formerly Triborough Bridge) facility located on Randall’s Island. The project provides resilient and redundant 5kV and 208V power distribution system to support tolling, maintenance, and general operations and to ensure facility operation in emergency conditions. In addition, the replacement of existing boilers and related fuel oil tanks at the Robert Moses Building with a new above ground on grade solution.


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E-J Electric Installation Co.

Construction Duration:

 2019 - 2023
ETEC Ground Level

Scope of Work

The mission of the RK-66 project is to improve the resiliency and reliability of the infrastructure supporting the operations of the RFK Bridge tolling system and Robert Moses Building. The challenges in implementing this project are to ensure no interruption of Open Road Tolling (ORT) services; to safely dismantle portions of the RFK approach while working along a very active highway; to construct a large portion of electric power across the RFK Bridge and over active waterways and finally abating any hazardous materials properly and efficiently while not impacting project schedule.

The Challenges


The scope of work includes the replacement of the substations located at the Queens (QMR) and Bronx (BMR) bridge connections as well as the Bronx Service Building (BSB), Manhattan Service Building (MSB), and Robert Moses Building (RMB) located on Randall’s Island. 


Approximately two miles of new 5kV cable will be installed in existing and new duct banks and bridge-mounted conduits to connect these five substations to the existing central distribution 5kV switchgear located in the PCR facility on Randall’s Island. 


There was an aggressive schedule to be met, and our design-build team co-located to ensure true collaboration and team effort to safely deliver this fast-track project. 

How E-J Electric Used New Tech for Efficiency

Each new substation is constructed offsite in a premanufactured metal building and factory-tested prior to site delivery. Each new installation is adjacent to the existing substation for minimal interruption of services during installation and phased cutover of 5kV and 208V services. Prefabrication has many benefits including safety, quality, reduces waste, saves time, and money.

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