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6 "Safety First" Carwash Tips

As a carwash owner or operator, you face a wide range of safety risks

Some you likely think about all the time—customer slips and falls, automobile accidents, employee injuries—while others might not be top of mind. Either way, putting safety first remains essential to both the physical and financial health of your operation...


Carwash Workers' Compensation Cost Cutters

5 tips to fewer claims and lower rates

When it comes to lowering your workers’ compensation costs, planning is key. Carwashes that follow established OSHA guidelines and implement safety programs have fewer accidents and therefore have fewer claims. Fewer claims means you can get lower rates and increase your savings...



Protect Your Carwash from Employment Practices Liability

5 steps to reduce costly workplace claims

Hiring, firing, employee evaluations, compensation, family leave, job descriptions. These human resources decisions have a huge impact on your employees, their productivity, and their welfare. They can also become a breeding ground for complaints and claims for wrongful employment practices and these claims can be disastrous to your business...


8 Ways to Prepare for OSHA Inspections

Be ready before the inspectors arrive

An OSHA inspection can happen at any time, so it’s essential to always be ready. Knowing how to prepare your carwash for an OSHA inspection—and what to do if you receive an unscheduled visit— can make or break your success...


6 Need-to-Know Cyber Insurance Facts

With the rate of data breaches and security incidents on the rise, cyber insurance has become an essential tool for the carwash industry. It’s your responsibility to protect your customer information and data—even a minor security issue can have a major impact on your business. That’s why cyber insurance has become an essential part of any modern risk management strategy...


E-Book: Insurance for Carwash Businesses

You can do everything right. Keep your clients happy. Treat your employees well. Have a sound business plan. Risks will always abound. And although these risks are a part of running a carwash business, taking the right precautions and putting the proper insurance program in place can put you on the best path for long-term success...


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